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1. High-purity fused quartz glass composition, crystal clear water-white appearance
2. Extremely heat resistant & thermal shock resistance,low coefficient of thermal expansion,operating temperature up to 1200 °C
3. High transparency from ultraviolet to infrared spectral range, high radiation resistance
4. High electrical insulation resistance
5. Good machinability & tight tolerances, Diameter tolerance ±0.25mm,Length tolerance±0.5mm
6. Outstanding chemical strength,high chemical purity and Chemically inert provid good resistance
Water resistance according to DIN 12111 (ISO 719): Hydrolysis class 1
Acid resistance according to DIN 12116: Acid class 1
Alkali resistance according to DIN 52322:Alkali class 1
Bending tensile strength:≥ 67 N/mm² / 9718 psi