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Machined Quartz Products

Crowea quartz specializes in custom fabrication of fused quartz products to your exact specifications. From small diameter apparatus to large diameter furnace tubes and bell jars, our experienced craftsmen have decades of experience that enables us to exceed your expectations for quality. 

CNC Milling

We have invested in state of the art CNC milling equipment to accommodate all of your most intricate designs. Our programmers and technicians utilize tooling and programing to machine your designs fast, accurate and economical.

Angles/Slots & Contours

Our expert programmers and machinists use the most modern CO2 Laser, CNC Mills, Water Jets, Lathes, CNC Lathes, Mill Drills, and Blanchard mach

Lathe Turning

When you require a custom or accurate dimension for your outside and inside diameters on a flange or tube, our lathe and CNC lathe machinists know exactly what to do. Our lathe can turn both large and small diameters. Machinery to achieve very difficult angles, slots and contours while achieving very tight tolerances.


We inventory over 1000+ diamond drills in order to accommodate various sizes of tubes and flanges for your requirements. Maybe you need a "near net shape" ring or solid piece to get you started on a project.

Custom Designs

Our facility is equipped to manufacture state of the art system components for the semiconductor, scientific and other industries. We offer custom work in solids machining, optical polishing and glassblowing. Supply your custom drawing or work with our engineers to design your component to your exact requirements.
Fill out our quick and easy custom request form and we can get a quote to you within a day.