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  • Implosions are a serious concern and should never be taken lightly. Glass shards and scalding oil can burn, mutilate, or even kill you! While the risk of implosions can be greatly reduced with correct equipment and usage, implosions cannot be altogether eliminated due to the imperfect nature of glass and should be considered every time vacuum is applied to glassware. Implosions are a matter of “when it will happen” and not “if it will happen”. When glassware is under vacuum it can suddenly implode if stressed or cracked and it is extremely important that operators are careful not to bump, stress, or drop anything on it.


  • Cover the top portion of the boiling flask with insulating material and aluminum foil to prevent water from the condenser or loose object dropping onto it.


  • Do not release vacuum in the system until the boiling flask has cooled.


  • Heating mantles/stir plates can exceed temperatures of 500°C and can easily burn the operator or cause fire. All electronic equipment and components are not water or liquid resistant and can cause electric shock, electrocution (including death), and fire if exposed to liquids or gases. Electric equipment can cause grave injury (including death) if tampered with.


  • Vacuum pumps have moving parts and can entangle loose clothing.


NOTICE OF RISK: All products and procedures can at times involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. Dangers peculiar to such activities include, but are not limited to, [burning, fire, explosion, implosion, asphyxiation].


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