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Various Joint Fabrication

Crowea Quartz joints maintain high quality with such characteristics as surface finish, uniform wall thickness, and accuracy of taper. They are also tooled or machined on heavier wall tubing than industry standard for greater strength to assure reliability. Variants include spherical, standard taper, medium length taper, conical, and o-ring.

Manufactured in house by our highly skilled glassblowers, we interchangeable conical socket joints provide the ideal jointing system for the majority of laboratory applications.

Utilising the well known cone and socket principle, they permit apparatus to be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily.

Precise manufacturing techniques ensure that conical joints give dependable performance under the most arduous conditions.

Close attention to factors such as surface finish, profile, taper and circular cross section, reduce the possibility of joint ‘seizure’ or leakage.
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